Get Active in jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 by Joining a Committee

In any organization, another way to reap rewards and benefits is by involvement. The Minnesota Construction Association would like to reach out to you and your company for help. jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 has many committees that work to make this organization a success. We have opportunities available with a range of commitments including very minimal to critical involvement in our success. Maximize your investment by joining an jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 committee today!

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for all aspects of coordinating and producing the annual Awards Gala, typically held annually on the last Wednesday in January. The committee is responsible for venue selection and arrangements, developing the award nomination categories and criteria, reviewing all forms for the nomination process, arranging for judging services, selecting and ordering trophies and plaques, designing and producing the gala program handout, event photography and providing a master of ceremonies for the presentation and program.

Committee Chair: Josh Carr, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Meets once per month

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is the voice of the jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 to promote events, news and members. Specific duties include social media and branding initiatives.

Committee Chair: Avery Wade, RJM Construction
Meets once per month

Student Outreach Committee

The Student Outreach Committee is involved with promoting jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 to our future members.  They are involved with awarding scholarships; reaching out to educational institutions offering construction management and related degrees; and to encouraging participation in jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 by our future members. 

Committee Chair: Paul Kolias, Doran Construction
Meets once per month

Event Committee

The Event Committee focuses on planning and providing oversight for our networking events throughout the year. Annual events include the St. Paul Saints Game outing, the summer Boat Cruise and the fall Soiree, just to name a few.

Committee Chair: Kelly Davidson, Viking Fire Sprinkler, Co. 
Meets once per month

Golf Committee

The Golf Committee is responsible for planning and promoting the annual jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 Scholarship Golf Tournament.

Committee Chair: Rory Synstelien, Civil Site Group, Inc.
Meetings: Every monthly from March – July

Leadership Training Academy Planning Committee

Plans the bi-annual Leadership Training Academy event. An event that offers leadership and soft skills training for both young and seasoned professionals including competitions and hands-on learning opportunities for students.

Committee Chair: Jen Wothe, Executive Director
Meetings: Typically Monthly (may meet more often closer to the event)

Membership Committee

The Membership committee is responsible for welcoming new members, organizing networking events and long-term membership recognition. The events generate networking opportunities for the members and give potential members a chance to get to see all the association has to offer before they join. All members of the committee help out as needed to make all the events a success. 

Committee Co-Chairs: Chris Scrabeck, Sonus Interiors and Matt Lennartson, RJM Construction
Meets vary

Education Committee

This Committee is responsible for providing jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 Members with one of our primary membership benefits – education.

Committee Chair: David Borak, Orion Search Group
Meets every 4-6 weeks

Sporting Clay Committee

The Sporting Clay Committee is responsible for planning and promoting the annual jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临 Sporting Clay Event.

Committee Chair: John Petersen, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Meetings: Every month from March/April – November

Why Volunteer?

  • Networking
  • Gain Real-World Experience
  • Make an Impact
  • Make Connections within our Industry
  • Best Way to Leverage Your Membership within jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下-jdb财神捕鱼每天赢点就下红包版 -欢迎光临
  • Learn New Skills
  • Expand your Experiences and Knowledge
  • Explore New Areas of Interest
  • Have Fun

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